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LIST OF winners fall 2018

Hi Clouzine International music awards family !

Hi friends and alums,

We started to accept submissions for the first quarter 2018..
You can simply go to and click on submit.
If you have some questions you can send an email to Demir
( )

Thank you all for your comments, for your supporting public/personal messages, and for sharing yor awards' pics on the Social Media. We try to represent and promote all your achievements on our websites, blogs and social media.
You may also send your ideas, write-ups etc to our blog.
Send your article, review or anything in connection with your works, plans or schedules to Demir ( )
As for Awards 2017, there was a big number of submissions worldwide. We hope that 2018 will be a great year for all of us. As you all know we don't limit the submissions to new works only. Any of your works from any year is eligible.
So keep this in mind this time.

Decisions will be made by our Billboard charted team of Clouzine plus some European journalists (they listen to submitted material without being informed about the artist, so only the music counts). Winners get a framed award sent to their addresses. You may check that on our Facebook site.

Winners who were not featured, have a slot for an interview in one of coming issues of Clouzine Magazine.

Maybe your work gets now the recognition that it had already deserved. Wishing all the best to our alums and all artists who submitted their awesome works.

Clouzine Team

Clouzine International Music Awards Spring 2018   NOW OPEN TO SUBMISSIONS ! !

Interested artists may contact us at or simply go to and submit !

Submitted albums, tracks must not be from 2018 !


Clouzine International Music Awards 2017                List of winners

We thank all for their submissions. Great works among submissions.
Our special thanks go to Murat Ses and Nihal Ses for their supervision and coordination of the mag and awards !

Planning to launch our next soon (Clouzine International Music Awards Spring 2018).

Interested artists may contact us at

Submitted albums, tracks must not be from 2018 !