20. Mai 2022
07. Mai 2022
Super Fëmmes is a band with a focus on creating powerful and edgy music that blurs the lines between a wide variety of influences. The line-up consists of the 90s pop Icons Emilia Mitiku, Therese” Drömhus” Grankvist, Denise ”DeDe” Lopez Mia Schotte & Josefine Willers from the duo Miio. The group consists of professional musicians who have achieved significant success in the 90s individually, and they continue to make quality music that inspires the audience. Recently, the group...
03. Mai 2022
29. April 2022
Fonz Tramontano, Popwave producer and Clouzine alum, from Sheffield UK, releases his new track “Reborn” on the 6th May 2022. This track sees him collaborate once again with HollyAnne (Vocalist / artist from the UK). This track is a follow up to their successful collaboration last year “Want Me Back”. HollyAnne has just released her successful debut album “Years”. “Reborn” ft. HollyAnne is available everywhere 06.05.22. www.fonztramontano.co.uk
21. April 2022
Singer/Songwriter, Marc Ambrosia has spent the better part of two years in the studio working on new material. At last, he’s releasing the lead single from his upcoming album! Ambrosia’s new album is titled Edge, and it’s his first full length studio album since 2019’s Unleashed. (Ambrosia did release a 4 track acoustic EP, The Enormity of Trees and the Essence of Rain in 2021.) The first single from Edge is a seductive and sensual overture, "When I'm Craving Love". "When I'm Craving...
29. März 2022
"Sueños sublimes: música desde el alma" is an album by composer Claudia Montero, winner of four Latin GRAMMY awards. This album contains two concerts: "Vientos del Sur. Concerto for bandoneon and orchestra" and "CONCIERTO en BLANCO y NEGRO for piano and string orchestra". Both works were directed by Lucía Zicos with the assistance of Mariano Frumento and Cristian Mercurio. Claudia Montero composed "Vientos del Sur. Concerto for bandoneon and orchestra", which was commissioned by the Royal...
27. März 2022
26. März 2022
23. März 2022
Fonz Tramontano (Clouzine award winner and alum) releases his debut collaboration with the well respected UK artist Sarah B LadyBnow on the 1st April 2022. “Strong Again” is a classic Popwave dance track. This is the first of his collaborations with Sarah. Available on all streaming platforms and also from www.fonztramontano.com
19. März 2022
Singer/songwriter Amanda Abizaid released a new album in the spirit of love. Back To Love features love songs of her personal journey from the past two years. The album includes a bi lingual track “With Your Love” (Arabic version) in Amanda’s unique style of Arabic singing. Getting back to her roots and singing in Arabic is something Amanda has been longing to do more of. This is a collection of original songs in the Indie Pop, Global crossover genre. Amanda will be traveling to her...

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