SES TEAM Publishes CLOUZINE's Next Issue (#35) in early September 2022

CLOUZINE Magazine  run by publisher and promoter Nihal Ses aka OpBe and mentored by Dr. Murat Ses (Father of Anadolu Pop), a Turkish-Austrian couple with numerous awards, and multiple Billboard chartings. The magazine is published by a Billboard charting team.

Clouzine International Music Awards winner, Christal X made it to upcoming issue's front page.  

Christal X (USA) and Ben Konarov (Australia) are coming issue's interviewees. Works of  Grace Garland, Orchestra Indigo, Awall , and The Death Beats  were reviewed by Fonz Tramontano and Sven Rikkard

Discoveries sections will be featuring talents from all over the world:  Matt B (USA), Eddy Kenzo (USA/Uganda), Carrie Cleveland (USA),  Andy Carhart (USA), Lost Signal, Ben Konarov  (Australia), Awall (USA), Stone Age UG  (Uganda), Christian Maucery (France) and SiS (Turkey)


A big number of new releases will be featured in Clouzine's New Releases section: 

Darlene Koldenhoven, Fonz Tramontano and Sarah B LadyBnow,Eugene Kurolap , I S, Ben Konarov, Sinner Sinners, Orchestra Indigo, Grace Garland, Ivy Ash,  Awall, Mermaid Avenue, Cheryl B Engelhardt, Sophie Dorsten and Alex Dorsten, Sis, The Death Beats, 3Mind Blight, Ari Urban, Lost Signal, Positronic  and more.

The magazine focuses on the international independent music scene, supports lesser known yet high caliber artists, fights against negative feelings of loneliness and frustration of independent artists resulting from ignorance of major focused media. Especially this group of ignored independents finds its way thru research of a highly-motivated team to Clouzine's radar.

Clouzine Magazine gives chance to new and lesser known artists with qualifications, placing them in the magazine, makes interviews, reviews, reports and supports new releases by mentioning them in the social media, in Clouzine's newsletters and its sister publishings (On Our Radar, Clouzine Blog, Shoutout Corner). 


Interested artists can browse all issues online

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