SES TEAM (Nihal Ses, Dr. Murat Ses and Tan Ses) Publishes CLOUZINE's new issue (#32) soon

Clouzine is an international independent online magazine run by publisher and promoter Nihal Ses aka OpBe and mentored by Dr. Murat Ses (Father of Anadolu Pop), a Turkish-Austrian couple with numerous awards, and multiple Billboard chartings. The magazin is published by a Billboard charting team. Anything unique is always welcome; whatever the genre incl. video works.


Clouzine Awardee Anna Maria Mendieta, harpist and creator of Tango del Cielo (Tango of Heaven), soloist, orchestral musician, recording artist and teacher made it to upcoming issue's front page.  She is the principle harpist with the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera. Carol Albert (Billboard Charting artist), Hatchatorium and Greater Than Dave (Both Winners of Clouzine International Music Awards) are other features in the coming magazine. Anna Maria Mendieta, Charley Young and 3Mind Blight are next issue's interviewees.


Works of The Living Earth Show and Danny Clay [music for Hard Times],3 Mind Blight and Greater Than Dave were reviewed by Clouzine Magazine's competent reviewers Tan Ses and Fonz Tramontano

A big number of new releases will be featured in Clouzine's New Releases section: Greater Than Dave, Sohayla Smith, Nonye Toria, Jasmor, 3Mind Blight, Fonz Tramontano ft Emme Lentino, The Pyramid, Charley Young ft Fonz Tramontano, Enoka, Marathon85, KZL, The Samu, Eric  C Powell and Andrea Powell, Underlined Passages, Bird Language, Fonz Tramontano ft Norrisette, Matthew Shell and Arun Shenoy, 3Mind Blight and more.


Discoveries sections will be featuring talents from all over the world: Nonye Toria, The Pyramid, Charu Suri, Kelly Cresswell, Greater Than Dave, Marathon85, HOL , Tough On Fridays (USA, Nigeria, Sweden, India, UK, Spain, Greece, Canada).


CLOUZINE is mainly focusing on the international independent music scene, supports lesser known yet high caliber artists, fights against negative feelings of loneliness and frustration of independent artists resulting from ignorance of major focused media. Especially this group of ignored independents finds its way thru research of a highly-motivated team to Clouzine's radar.

Clouzine also gives chance to new and lesser known artists with qualifications, makes interviews, reviews, reports, features new releases; supports them in the social media, in Clouzine's newsletters and other publishings (On Our Radar, Clouzine Blog, Shoutout Corner). 


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