SES TEAM (Nihal Ses, Dr. Murat Ses and Tan Ses) Publishes CLOUZINE's 5th Anniversary Issue (#30) in November 2021


Clouzine is an international independent online magazine run by publisher and promoter Nihal Ses aka OpBe and mentored by Dr. Murat Ses (Father of Anadolu Pop), a Turkish-Austrian couple with numerous awards, and multiple Billboard chartings. The magazine is published by a Billboard charting team. Anything unique is always welcome; whatever the genre incl. video works.


Clouzine #30 Discoveries alum 3Mind Blight, a talented independent artist from USA  made it to 5th anniversary issue's front page. Another featured alum is Charlotte Couleau (Winner of Clouzine Special Award of the Year: Piano Voix Chanson Francaise 2021); Hatchatorium, Sophie Dorsten, Gjova, Marc Ambrosia, KEATS., UK girl group Trio Minutes and Positronic are upcoming issue's interviewees.


Works of Megan Nash, Maria Rodhe, Emilia Walsik, Kinga Angelys, Anthony OKS, Astral Swans, Flora Cash, ALexander Hulme, Joy Harjo and Sam Walwyn

were reviewed by Clouzine Magazine's competent reviewers  Joe Kidd, Fonz Tramontano and Sven Rikkard

More than forty new releases will be featured in Clouzine's New Releases section. 

Discoveries sections will be featuring talents from all over the world: ChristalX, Pillowpeace, Eva No, Patrick Tabaks, Nathalie Miranda, Maria Rodhe, Hanna Soderberg,KEATS., Marc Ambrosia and Gjova (USA, UK, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Latvia).

CLOUZINE is mainly focusing on the international independent music scene, supports lesser known yet high caliber artists, fights against negative feelings of loneliness and frustration of independent artists resulting from ignorance of major focused media. Especially this group of ignored independents finds its way thru research of a highly-motivated team to Clouzine's radar.

Clouzine also gives chance to new and lesser known artists with qualifications, makes interviews, reviews, reports, new releases; supports them in the social media, in Clouzine's newsletters and other publishings (On Our Radar, Clouzine Blog, Shoutout Corner). 


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