Billboard Charting Murat Ses Releases His 2021 Album AUTOMATON CUBED Next Week

Dr. Murat Ses (Father of Anadolu Pop) goes on telling musical stories of his impressions of what he dubs as 'the timeless and boundless context of civilization' since early 90s. 

His eight 2021 singles were bundled in this album:

Argus Babe 3, Mehter 3, Electric Shaman 3, Valle Marineris 3, Automaton 3, Groove Anatolia Repowered, Dry Sun 3 and Belt of Orion 2021.

The concepts of all albums were created by his wife Nihal Ses aka OpBe, awarded publisher of CLOUZINE Magazine. 


In the first half of the thirteenth century the palaces located in the northern area between Euphrates and Tigris were managed by robots and machines. Cezari's work Kitab Fi Marifat El-Hayal El-Handasiya (the book of mechanical knowledge about automatons) unites scientific knowledge with practical application and is useful for the discovery of mechanical frauds.


The figure on the cover of the single represents an automatic construction which served its owner during his ablutions. Similar automatons could perform music on numerous instruments. 


With regard to civilization and culture, Murat's point of view is a very special one, looking at and beyond the contemporary issues in a way that's neither orientalistic nor occidentalistic. In this approach, there would be no 'clash of cultures', since we all are 'one and same thing'. Maybe we are conceiving the whole 'one' matter from different perspectives and believe that we are seeing and experiencing differing matters as it was in the explanations of the so-called 'String Theory'.


AUTOMATON CUBED comes up with a new electronic, dance, ambient, world approach which has the hallmark of Murat's legendary fusion style known as Anadolu Pop (Grand Prix du Disque in Paris, France, back then in early 70s) he worked out with his wife Nihal Ses (founder of first traditional, folkloristic dance group in Austrian College in Istanbul back in late 60s and early 70s). 

The album's tracks were composed and produced during his stay in Florida USA.