Clouzine's Fourth Anniversary Issue #24 Slated For Next Week

Clouzine's anniversary issue coming soon (next week) SES TEAM announced  today.

The issue with an ample content has Diamond J, an Australian artist on the front page.

Winners of the 7th CLOUZINE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARDS Fall 2020 will be listed in the coming issue.

Clouzine International Music Awards and Clouzine IEMA (International Electronic Music Awards) Winner Anaya Music (Brazil) will be featured in NEWS sections.


In the 4th anniversary issue six high caliber independent artists are on Clouzine's radar and were interviewed:

Joel Jerome (USA) Winner of Clouzine International Music Awards, Tanya Tyler (USA), 3Mind Blith (USA), Melissa Francis aka Sleuth (Australia), Amy Barbera (USA), and Manomachine (New Zealand) .


Works of Arky Starch (Belgium), Mars Rodrigu3z (Nicaragua/USA), ChuckT, Ruthless Cosmopolitans, 3Mind Blight, and Los Mucosos (all from USA) were reviewed by competent reviewers: Tan Ses,  Joe Kidd, Fonz Tramontano. New releases sections cover 49 international independent artists from all over the world.


Discoveries pages feature fifteen talents from all over the world: Arky Starch, Tanya Tyler, Bruno Skibbild (Danmark), Midlife Mix (UK) , Amy Barbera (USA), BaYaT (Serbia), Daniel Cook (UK), Adiv Williams (Mexico), ChuckT, Melissa Francis aka Sleuth, Terry Blade (USA), Ruthless Cosmopolitans, Los Mocosos, Madeline Louie, and Mars Rodrigu3z.